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What is a Hard Money loans?

A hard money mortgage loan is a type of short-term, asset-based loan that is secured by real estate property. It's ideal for borrowers who need quick financing and may not qualify for traditional loans due to poor credit or property condition.

Hard money loans are typically used when traditional financing options are not available or when a borrower needs immediate access to capital.

When to consider a Hard Money loans

Investment Properties

Useful for real estate investments and house flipping projects.

Emergency Situations

For urgent financing needs when conventional loans are not an option.

How does a Hard Money loans work?

  • Hard money loans are approved faster than traditional loans, usually within days.

  • They have more flexible terms and less stringent requirements.

  • Interest rates and fees are higher to compensate for the increased risk.

Benefits of Hard Money loans



Available to borrowers with low credit scores or non-traditional income sources.



Provides quick funding, typically within a week.



Offers more flexible terms for repayment.

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